How to set indoor footwear rules in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Learn how to have people take their shoes off indoors with our Sims 4 guide.

With the upcoming Snowy Escape expansion pack for The Sims 4, players will finally have the option to take their shoes off while inside.

To honor the common practice in many Asian cultures, the game has finally given us the ability to decide whether or not we want shoes to be taken off while in someone’s house.

In order to choose your rules for wearing footwear inside, all you will have to do is get a “Taming of the Shoe” sign from Build Mode. You can buy the sign for 110 Simoleans and can be placed on your property.

It will automatically default to requiring shoes to be taken off indoors, but there are two more options you can choose from by interacting with the sign: “Wear Slippers Indoors” and “Allow Shoe Indoors”.

You may still get an arrogant Sim who keeps their shoes on, but can be persuaded to change their mind by others.