How to set up a custom game in Overwatch 2

Time for some pick-up games.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The competitiveness of Overwatch 2 is a big draw for many players, but sometimes you want to have a more relaxed approach to the game with just a big group of friends. While the option to matchmake into Quick or Competitive Play is always available, the ability to set up a lobby for just your group can be desirable to give yourself a little more control. Here is how to set up a custom game in Overwatch 2.

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How to start a custom lobby in Overwatch 2

Setting up a lobby for custom games in Overwatch 2 is simple. First, start by signing into the game and selecting Play. From there, go to Custom Games and press the input for Create Game. This will immediately make your lobby that you can invite friends to or fill with AI in the top right corner. You can rename your lobby on the left side and set who can join. By default, it will be set to Friends Only.

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In Settings, you can set a Preset, so your favorite mode is automatically set up. Of course, there are the standard modes you see in Quick and Competitive Play, but Arcade and Workshop modes appear here as well. If you have saved any Workshop Presets, they will appear at the top here.

Other than that, your Settings here are pretty standard. You can change the lobby size and rules, alter the modes, and restrict maps and heroes. On the right will be the area to save and share your created lobby.

All of these options allow you to set up a Custom Game in Overwatch 2 pretty easily. Most of the time, these will be used for fun Arcade-like modes in the Custom Browser, but you can also have serious matches here and fill the room with bots if you want.