How to set up channel point rewards on Twitch

Level up your viewer interaction with channel point rewards.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin/Creative Commons

One of the coolest features that you gain access to by reaching affiliate status on Twitch is channel point rewards. With this, viewers who visit your page can earn channel points by simply watching the stream, while various bonuses are offered for watching consecutive streams, donating bits, and being a subscriber to the channel, among others.

This can lead to some excellent interactions with your viewers. Twitch comes with a set of default options for channel point rewards, but you can add custom ones to your channel, and adding a custom reward will double the number of reward points that viewers can earn by watching. 

While you can use some of the suggested rewards, such as hydrating the streamer or banning them from an action in the game that they’re playing, there is an unlimited amount that you can include, with the only limit being your creativity and equipment. The more unique and interesting channel point rewards you have, the better chances you have of retaining your audience through fun interactions.

The channel point rewards are turned off by default once you become an affiliate. To turn them on, head to your creator dashboard, go to the Viewer Rewards settings, and then into the Channel Points tab. Once here, you will see the option to turn on channel points, change what you call the points for your stream, and a link to head to the page to manage them. Simply click on the button next to Enable Channel Points, and it will activate the default rewards.

Channel points settings
Screenshot by Gamepur

From there, click on Manage Rewards & Challenges, and on this page, you can set up custom channel point rewards for your channel by clicking on the Add New Custom Reward button. A pop-up will allow you to insert everything you need, from the name of the reward and its cost to the icon and background color used for it.

Create a channel point pop-up
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once set up, you will be able to head to the chat section of your channel and redeem them yourself to test them out, or wait until your next stream and wait for your viewers to give them a try. Viewers can also engage in channel point predictions with their accumulated points.