How to shield bash in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

The way of sword and shield.

For combatants to follow the way of sword and shield, shield bashing is a useful attack to know how to do it in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. It ensures your defensive strategies remain as powerful as your offensive ones, and if you know how to shield bash, you can set your enemies off-balance during a fight.

You don’t need to spend hours attempting to make it work. The process of performing a shield bash is exceptionally straight forward. All you have to do is have a shield in your off-hand, to ensure you have a shield to bash your opponents. When you’re holding it and enter battle, hold it up to block by hitting the right mouse button, or whatever hotkey you have tied to your block mechanic. While you have it held up to block, press the E key on your keyboard as if you were to kick, and you will push your shield forward.

The technique staggers your opponent and pushes them away from you. It doesn’t do a lot of damage. Still, if you want to remain defensive while fighting and have a more reliable technique compared to others while combating multiple opponents, the shield bash is a reliable mechanic. If you want to increase the technique’s damage, there are two perks underneath the one-handed skill tree, and you can give them to your character to make it more powerful. These include Shield Bash I and Shield Bash II. There are other perks in the tree that increase your defensive efficiency of holding a shield, further developing your defensive traits as a sword and shield player.

Alternatively, for those who prefer holding a single one-handed weapon instead of using the shield in the other, you’re free to do that too. There are several perks in the one-handed tree you can pick and choose from.