How to shifts gears up or down in WRC 10

Push the pace.

If you’re not new to racing games, you know what shifting gears up or down does. Essentially, shifting gears up moves your vehicle and the transmission up to a higher gear, and allows your car to gain extra velocity. Shifting up, or down, is very important in WRC 10, but it’s also important when and how to do it. Here’s a breakdown on how to shift gears up or down in WRC 10.

To shift up, press A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation). To shift down, you will need to press B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation).

Shifting up or down is a science. You will need to make sure to do this at the right time, or otherwise you will lose velocity and time. When attempting to shift up, you want to keep (or hear) on the lookout for a few things. If the MPH tracker on the bottom right is blinking red or is red, shift up immediately.

Alternatively, you will want to shift down in situations where you want to slow down. These instances including when attempting to turn, or on paths in which you need to bob and weave in order to stay on course. In these circumstances, trying to accelerate as much as possible is not ideal, so take a bit slower. Otherwise, you might wind up off the road altogether.