How to sign up for Amazon Luna

Streaming games at what cost?

Image via Amazon

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In its ceaseless pursuit to have a subscription price from all things, Amazon has introduced its own video game streaming service.

From PlayStation Now, to Xbox Game Pass, to Google Stadia, the future of paying tribute to access a curated selection of games is certainly here, well, that is if you have a decent enough internet connection room for another subscription in your budget.

Amazon Luna, like its competitors, is readily available on Windows and PC but also on Fire TV, tablets, and Android devices too. Signing up for the base Luna package is simple enough at $9.99 a month, but where they really get you is the additional subscription cost for additional channels.

While a simple Amazon Prime membership will give you access to a monthly rotating roster of games, the real selection comes through channel add-ons like you would see from Amazon’s Prime Video service. Currently, most additional channels are $5.99 a month each and include the Jackbox, Retro, and Family channels with Ubisoft+ at $17.99.

But that’s just the subscriptions. It’s imperative that any potential Amazon Luna subscriber also consider their own internet stream before signing up. Amazon itself recommends at least a 10 MBPS upload speed to smoothly stream games.

Of course, speeds higher than 10 MBPS will fair better, but input lag will always to some degree be present. One potential solution is the $49.99 Amazon Luna controller which has its own wifi connection to theoretically decrease input lag.