How to sign up for the EA Desktop app beta

All the info you need about signing up for the EA Desktop beta.

ea desktop

If you love playing games like Apex Legends or The Sims 4, but using the Origin launcher makes you want to throw your computer across the room sometimes, then you’re in luck. For almost a decade, Origin has existed at the game launcher for EA titles, and honestly hasn’t improved much since it’s release in 2011, but now the application finally has a much slicker looking successor: EA Desktop.

Right now, signing up for the beta is open to every with an Origin or EA Play account; if you don’t have an EA account, you will have to make one first, but then you will be able to sign up too. Note that this beta is only for PC currently.

Signing up for the beta

While EA has some instructions on how to sign up on their site, it’s kind of confusing and doesn’t explain the beta timeline very well. The easiest way to sign up is to go directly to this link.

If you are not signed in, it will have you sign in to your EA account.

Image via EA

Once you are signed in, it will ask you to confirm that you are on PC and agree to their terms and conditions.

Below that, you will also verify your account information of email, country, and birthday. You can update it if the info is outdated or otherwise incorrect. If it’s correct, you can skip this step.

Registration complete
Image via EA

Lastly, all you need to do is hit submit, and once the beta is ready to launch, you will get an email about joining the live beta and the next steps. Once the beta is out, you will still also be able to run Origin; EA just advises you don’t run both applications at the same time.