How to pre-register for the My Hero Ultra Rumble beta

Here is how you can get a chance to jump into the action.

Image via Sony Pictures

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Bandai Namco announced My Hero Ultra Rumble early in 2022 as a battle royal title that would pit 24 players against one another to battle it out. The title was first announced for only Japan, however it will now be getting a western release thanks to an announcement at Anime Expo. On top of that, you will not have to wait for the full release before you can jump into the action. A closed beta has been announced for the PS4 and here is how you can sign up for a chance to get an early look at the game.

How to access the closed beta

Image via Sony Pictures

Make sure to follow this link to the game’s official webpage. At the top of the screen you will see some promotional art as well as something that says “PS4 closed beta test” with a button below it to sign up. Click on the button and it will take you to the bottom of the screen.

Once you are there you will see an announcement trailer with a description above it. Right below that will be a registration form to sign up for the closed beta test. Fill out your email address, as well as a priority pre-registration code if you received one at Anime Expo. Then just hit the sign-up button below it and that’s it!

The closed beta will run in two phases on different dates and times. The phases are:

August 17 from 7:00am PT until August 18 at 3:00am

August 18 from 7:00 pm until august 21 at 11:00am

The closed beta will be limited to participants that are in the United States and Canada. You will also need a valid PSN account to access and will be limited to only one PSN account. It should also be noted that signing up will only give you a chance at accessing the beta and will not guarantee a code in return.