How to sign up for the Squad Battle closed playtest

A new 60 player battle royale for PC.

Squad Battle royale

Image via Netmarble

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Netmarble’s new game is Squad Battle, a battle royale for PC, currently in early development. Squad Battle does not have a release date yet, but Netmarble will hold a closed playtest between February 14 and 20, and players who are interested in the upcoming title can sign up for a chance to participate.

As its incredibly generic name implies, Squad Battle is a squads-only battle royale. Like recent hit Naraka: Bladepoint, Squad Battle’s gameplay is in third-person and focuses on melee combat rather than gunfights. Players choose from a colorful cast of characters with different abilities. They then descend onto the sunlit streets of an Overwatch-esque city to fight each other to the death with a random selection of weapons. There are randomized supply drops, a shrinking zone, and teammate revives: the whole deal.

If you want to try and get in the Squad Battle closed playtest, all you have to do is head to the game’s Steam page and request access. Registration is open right now, and the playtest will begin on February 14 at 9 PM ET. There is no word yet on whether Squad Battle will be available on other platforms besides PC, but we do know the game will be free-to-play.