How to sign up for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic beta

This is almost a treasure hunt.

Image via Blizzard

This year, Blizzard and World of Warcraft will be digging into their past once again. Thanks to the success of WoW Classic, we can now look forward to the evolution of the retro experience, as Blizzard is gearing up to release The Burning Crusade Classic, giving everyone the chance to relive the launch of the first expansion for World of Warcraft. If you’re interested in signing up to play early in the beta test, you’ll need to know where to go.

Normally, the app includes a specific place where you can check a box to opt into beta tests. In the case of The Burning Crusade Classic, things work a little differently, perhaps due to the anticipated excitement for the launch. Head over to Blizzard’s official The Burning Crusade page. If you’re not already signed in, check out the top-right corner of the page, where you’ll see a link for My Account. Click it, and you’ll be asked to sign into your Blizzard account. Make sure you have your mobile device handy if you’re using the Authenticator app.

Now that you’re signed in, scroll down the page, past the Media Gallery. You’ll see a section labeled “Join the Beta,” with an OPT-IN button. All you have to do is click on this button, and you will be registered for beta access when Blizzard is ready to test the servers. We don’t yet know when this will happen, but given Blizzard’s release history, it shouldn’t be long before you’re able to get an invitation to jump into the throwback expansion.