How to sign up for wars in New World

This is one way to protest taxes

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One of the most exciting PvP experiences in New World is war. While everyone loves fishing for salmon or hunting down mystical monsters, war pits the factions against each other and gives each group a goal to strive for. After all, who doesn’t want to rule this New World, if only for a little while? 

What are we warring about?

Factions inevitably fight over land and territory, but to do that, they need to complete faction PvP missions in the area to gain influence. Once they have enough, any faction (Syndicate, Covenant, or Marauders) can declare an all-out war for a region. Each faction does this to gain control of a new region and increase their power and influence in their server. 

Where’s sign-up?

Whenever a war is inbound, you should get a notification in-game and on your map screen. If your faction is involved, go to the war board of the warring town. There, you can put your name in for the war. However, signing up won’t inherently get you in. The leading companies that gained the most influence to start the war are the ones that pick their army, so, in theory, you could sign up for every war and never get in. This is where making friends and leveling up is vital. Either get on the company’s good side by joining them in their missions or become so high level that they can’t say no.

Siege weapons

Before the battle begins, attacking factions are gifted Battle Tokens that they can spend at the War Camp Armory in the area to have siege units to use during the war. Some examples include cannons, fire launchers, and repeaters. Similarly, the defending team can build siege weapons of their own, whose strength is determined by completing town projects. Defenders can build ballista, cannons, fire droppers, and the like. Both teams can use traps in battle.

What happens in war?

So, now it’s finally time to start the war. It’ll be a 50v50 PvP skirmish set at the time of the defender’s choosing. The two armies will meet up at the local fort and battle for control. The attacking faction must breach the gates to successfully claim the territory, while the defenders must keep them out to retain their power. These battles can turn the tide of control in each region and influence the local taxes for everyone.