How to skin animals in Weird West

The key to having stronger armor.

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Along your journey into Weird West, you’ll encounter hundreds of animals that are bound to hold valuable items. Most players will begin to see this by looting animals, but they can also be skinned for more crucial goods. Although this cannot be done right away, it is possible to unlock this ability in just minutes. Here’s how you can skin animals and use the mechanic to your advantage.

Before you can begin skinning, you’ll need to purchase the Skinning Toolbag from a tailor in The Dagger & Bones Trading Shop for $86. It’s a steep price to pay, but trading in goods, like foods, weapons, and ammo, can greatly aid in covering the cost. The toolbag will then allow you to skin all deer, bears, snakes, and bisons. Once one of these are killed, you can begin skinning by holding down the same button you use for looting.

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All skins and pelt you’ve picked up can then be used to craft or upgrade vests at Tanning Racks. These are most often found wherever vests are sold, but some are also located in enemy territories. Additionally, the kind of vests you can craft depends on what animal skins are in your inventory. For instance, you’ll need just two bear pelts in order to craft a one-star bearskin vest, and the same goes for deer, snake, and bison skins.

You can even upgrade these vests by trading in more of its skin type and the vest, itself. By doing so, your character will have increased protection from enemy attacks and resistance to elements like fire and lightning.

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