How to skip cutscenes and dialogue in Dreams for PS4

Thankfully, all cutscenes and dialogue sections are skippable.

Dreams PS4

Image via Sony

Media Molecule’s latest game is what Dreams are made of (heh heh), a game that offers you an almost limitless number of options to bring your vision from your imagination to a game. The game has been in development for a long time, and it’s great to see that there is already a fantastic amount of content from eager creators is delightful.

Story-focused games are just one of the types of games that you can make within Dreams. With that, you’re able to offer cutscenes, dialogue, and a smattering of other options to make your story come to life. Add to that a number of cool and crazy tools that allow you to make a great game to fit with the content, Dreams is a truly powerful tool for aspiring game creators, just like Little Big Planet was before it. 

With that said, not every player is going to be as enthusiastic about watching cutscenes and dialogue as the creator was creating them. Not everyone wants to come into Dream to play a new Metal Gear Solid (which, of course, was famous for the outrageous number of cutscenes). But how do you skip all of the cutscenes and dialogue sections if you want to get on with the gameplay?

It’s actually a fairly easy process. To skip any cut scenes that you don’t want to watch from a creator’s game, while watching the content, simply press and hold the X button. Once held for long enough, the game will offer you a prompt that asks if you want to skip this section. After confirming it, the game’s cutscene or dialogue section should cut short, and you can continue from there. 

The game doesn’t allow scenes to be unskippable, so this should be a one solution fits all for any sections of cutscenes or dialogue that you are not interested in, leaving you to get ignore the story sections that don’t interest you, and play the games that you do.