How to skip the tutorial in New World

Tutorials are not mandatory to play.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

After being available as an open beta for months, Amazon Game Studios’ New World has fully launched globally. The MMORPG has already garnered a sizeable playerbase, with numbers expected to grow significantly in the future. The game has a lot of content to offer which will keep you occupied for a long period. That said, if you have already played the game during its alpha or beta phase and are looking to skip the initial tutorial, here’s how you can do it.

How to skip the tutorial

Skipping tutorial in New World is pretty simple. Once you get inside the game, press Esc to open the menu. Here, select the Game Menu option and then Skip to New World option. This will instantly skip the tutorial, and you can continue playing the game. Furthermore, you can skip every tutorial and not just the initial ones.

For players that haven’t played the game at all and are experiencing it for the first time, it’s better to go through the tutorials. They are insightful and will help players understand the controls and different mechanics of the game. Once you complete the initial tutorial, you will be tasked with completing some simple quests. These are straightforward and should take minimal time. Unfortunately, you cannot skip the initial quests, so you must play through them before taking on the main story.