How to slow down time in Boomerang X – tips and tricks

You’ll be whipping around in no time.

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Slowing down time is a key component in Boomerang X. It allows you to take time to strategize, aim precisely for traversal, and get that accurate shot towards your enemies. It is vital to know how to slow down time, and we’re about to give you a crash course.

Don’t skip the tutorial

Early in the game, you’ll gain the ability to slow down time, and if you simply skipped the tutorial, it would be hard to know how to input it. On the Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to press the ZL button while aiming, and on PC, you can find your designated input under Options -> Controls -> Edit Controls (a smaller box on the top right of the menu). If you don’t like the default button to slow down time, you can simply add your own. You can also do this on the Nintendo Switch.

Tips and tricks to slow down time

Screenshot by Gamepur

Slowing down time allows you time to think for your next step in the battle, and the best thing is that there’s no cooldown period. When you see your foes up at higher places, platforming can be easier with the time mechanic. Aim your boomerang and then warp to your elevated destination. If you don’t reach the platform, you need to get up to, slow down time again, and adjust your trajection with another warp of the boomerang.

You can also use this technique with specific enemies. To succeed in Boomerang X, you need to hit the gross-looking blotches on bigger foes. Sounds easy, right? Well, the blotches can be hard to get a target on from far away. If the blotch is on the back, leap into the air with the boomerang warp, and then slow down time to get an accurate shot. The same goes for other creatures with blotches hidden under their bodies as they jump into the air.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you’re up close and personal with these horrific ink-like creatures, you’ll be evading all sorts of attacks. For example, before a slew of green sludge heads your way from a toad, slow down time, figure out your exact strategy, and avoid it.