How to solve the Bell Puzzle in the Atelier Room in Resident Evil Village

Ring my bell.

Resident Evil Village is filled with puzzles that players will need to solve. They often provide an oasis of calm among all the murders, but you will still want to get them solved as quickly as possible.

The Bell Puzzle can be found in the Atelier Room in Castle Dimitrescu. As players explore the castle they will discover a room with a massive painting of lady Dimitrescu in it. There is a small painting nearby, with a note that references making all the bells ring out.

This clue is saying that there are five bells in the room, and players will discover a secret if they can ring them all. The five bells can be found in the following locations.

  • On a table on the far side of the room from the entrance, just beside the short spiral steps.
  • On the cabinet just inside the door you enter through.
  • In the clock mechanism behind the wall, look at the gap at the top and wait for the bell to swing up there.
  • In the chandelier, players will need to make the chandelier swing to get it.
  • Out of the window above the giant painting of Lady Dimitrescu. Players will need to breaks that glass first to be able to hit the bell.

Players will need to hit the bells, and can do so with bullets fired from the handgun if they need to. For some of the bells, this is the only way to hit them. Players will know they have hit the bells as a small flame will appear on top of them when they do.

Once they have hit all the bells, players will then be able to leave through a secret entrance that will open behind the main portrait.