How to Solve the Corridors in Time Puzzle in Destiny 2

The solution to the Corridors of Time quest in Destiny 2 has been found and players can now complete it to advance to their next objective.

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The end to the Corridors of Time quest in Destiny 2

The latest Corridors in Time puzzle that has been baffling the Destiny 2 community has come to an end. During the Jan. 14 reset for Destiny 2 there didn’t seem to be anything new in the game, save for the ending of the Dawning event. However, eagle-eyed players noticed there were symbols above the obelisks scattered around the galaxy. 

Following that discovery, players visited Osiris, and they received a new quest to enter the Corridors of Time. The finer details of this quest are over here with the 20 different codes for various lore pieces about the Corridors of Time.

Now, the solution for the quest has come about, and those who want to know the exact path may go down it to complete the quest. The answer went up on Reddit by user Jaydenkieran. To make this discovery, it took a great deal of the Destiny 2 community to work together to bring together the various map pieces and solve it altogether.

Upon entering the Corridors of Time, there are now symbols in front of each door. These symbols dictate a specific path a player needs to go down to reach a particular part of the intricate forest. Follow this sequence for the true solution: Clover, Diamond, Snake, Clover, Plus, Plus, Hex, Hex, Hex, Plus, Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Plus, Snake, Snake, Hex, Diamond Clover, Plus, Diamond, Hex, hex, Diamond, Plus, and Diamond.

When you reach the end, unlike the previous codes, you have the chance to interact with the grave at the end of the path and pay your respects. Your next step in the quest is to go and visit Saint-14 at the tower.