How to Solve The Flame’s Everything Burns Tattoo Puzzle in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Turns out The Flame’s cultists were good for something — unlocking doors in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Everything Burns.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, New York City is plagued by pyromaniac cultists who just love to set everything on fire. These seemingly unrelated events of houses catching on fire and trucks suddenly set ablaze in the middle of the street start to come together in The Flame missions. 

In these side activities, you get to uncover more about this weird, crazy cult with a returning friend, Wraith. While most of them are pretty straightforward, with a heavy focus on Stealth and combos, Everything Burns is different. To free the prisoners, a Tattoo that matches the one on a locked door needs to be found.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Where Is the Hephaestus Tattoo in Everything Burns

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to get through a locked door during the Everything Burns quest, and a tattoo will be your key to open the door. The man with the Hephaestus tattoo is lying unconscious in this very room. You probably knocked him out or webbed him to a wall. However, for the sake of this quest, all The Flame worshippers will suddenly drop to the ground.

Recognizing the tattoo’s shape isn’t easy. There are four tattoos outlined on the wall to the right of the locked door. The thing is, they’re all pretty similar. If it helps, the Hephaestus tattoo looks a bit like a cross-shaped necklace to me. 

Everything Burns puzzle solution
Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the Hephaestus Tattoo in Everything Burns, follow these steps:

  1. From where Wraith is standing, turn 180 degrees.
  2. Walk diagonally to the right and inspect all bodies’ tattoos.
  3. The Hephaestus Tattoo is on the body of a bald, young white man who is lying unconscious on the ground.

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After spotting him, pick him up on your back and head to the door with Wraith. With the Hephaestus Tattoo and Wraith’s one, you’ll be able to unlock the door and proceed with the mission. The rest of the way is cluttered with stealth combat sections and an epic enemy reveal, but there are no more puzzles to work through during the rest of The Flame’s Everything Burns quest.