How to solve the Irondale Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s magic in that pumpkin patch.

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According to Hogwarts Legacy lore, the legendary Arthurian wizard Merlin was once a member of the Slytherin house at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During that time, he established many extra-curricular activities for himself and his fellow Slytherins. These activities appear in Hogwarts Legacy as Merlin Trials; puzzles and challenges scattered about the map that tests your spell-casting and puzzle-solving skills. One of the more challenging Merlin Trials is in the tiny village of Irondale, which is in the Feldcroft Region, close to where it borders Hogwarts Valley and the South Sea Bog.

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How to complete the Merlin Trial in Irondale

The Irondale Merlin Trial is in a scarecrow-guarded pumpkin patch on the mountainside on the northwest side of the village. Sprinkle some Mallowsweet Leaves on the Merlin Trial marker, then start looking for three sets of pillars with large stone balls (or orbs) on top of them. Your task is to destroy all nine of these balls, and fortunately, you can do so with your Basic Cast spell. No need to learn any fancy incantations for this Merlin Trial.

One set of orb pillars is east of the Merlin Trial marker, along the southeastern edge of a vegetable garden.

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Another three orb pillars are south of the Merlin Trial marker, along the path leading up to the village from the Irondale Floo Flame.

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The final three orb pillars are west of the Merlin Trial Marker, on top of some rocks jutting out of the mountainside.

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If you’re having any difficulty finding the orb pillars, cast Revelio, and you should see the orbs highlighted blue. Destroying all nine orbs completes the Merlin Trial, and a green magical hologram of Merlin will appear under a gazebo on the Merlin Trial marker. The more Merlin Trials you solve, the more gear storage you get in your inventory.