How to complete E-vase-ive Manoeuvre in Hogwarts Legacy

Open a hidden entrance in return for two new pieces of gear.

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Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed to brim with side quests, with some even available in its barren towns. Players will witness an instance of this when first venturing over to the area of Irondale and speaking to Althea Twiddle, an NPC that lends the E-vase-ive Manoeuvre side quest. It entails of wizards needing to investigate an odd statue south of the town, and those able to accomplish everything in the quest will earn the Ashwinder Outfit and a new wand handle.

E-vase-ive Manoeuvre walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to receive this side quest, you must first be at least Level 10 or higher. You can then make your way to the town of Irondale, which sits at the bottom of the Feldcroft, and speak to Althea Twiddle near its windmill. The quest’s waypoint will take you further south to investigate a statue and its nearby vases. Although it is never said how you will do this, you can complete this task by simply breaking all 20 vases in the area.

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Each vase can be discovered on or near the walls circling the statue, while others are hide in bushes close by. However, the fastest way to locate and destroy these are by using the Revelio spell to highlight the vases and casting basic magic to break each. In result, the statue will then shift its direction, ultimately opening up an entrance to a hidden Battle Arenas location. It is entirely optional to partake in the Battle Arena’s challenge, so those opting not to can head back to Althea to complete E-vase-ive Manoeuvre and receive the Crooked Spiral Dark Grey wand handle.

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How to get the Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy

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Despite not being listed in the Quests menu, there is more than one reward you can earn while taking on E-vase-ive Manoeuvre: the sleek white and red Ashwinder Outfit. This piece of gear can be obtained through completing the statue’s offered Battle Arena challenge — but you may want to consider leveling up to at least Level 12 before doing so. The arena consists of seven different waves of enemies, which range from Loyalist Warriors, Armoured Trolls, to Level 13 Stoneback Dugbogs. After each wave is completed, you can then change your outfit appearance to the Ashwinder.