How to solve the ocean mural puzzle in Peyska Spring Sewers in Astria Ascending

A bit of platforming is all it takes.

Astria Ascending

Image via Artisan Studios

Astria Ascending is more than just a JRPG with engaging and fast combat. You’ll also find platform jumping puzzles to reach new areas or find treasure. One of the earliest puzzles you’ll come across is during the first questline of the game. If you’re looking to speedrun Astria or don’t want to spend too much time on the puzzle, follow along for a quick guide.

The main quest will send the demigods to the sewers to clear it of Noise. It’s also where you’ll find the Water Zodiac Ring – an item used to freeze enemies and activate puzzles. Once in Peyska Spring Sewers, you will encounter a locked door with a statue to its left that reads, “Tormented ocean roaring with anger. The fishman is coming! His hundred silver scales Guide his people with their radiance to Mother Earth: O Hero, be our King for another thousand years!”

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are four murals related to the statue that must be activated to open the door. The first is found back the way you came. Head left and jump up the pipe to reach the ocean mural.

From there, head right until you pass the large window and reach the rotating cogs. Jump up the smaller pipes until you get to a gap. Jump to the other side and activate the fishman mural.

Jump down from the ledge and head back to the left. To the right of the locked door is another single pipe; jump up to it and activate the Mother Earth mural.

Then jump down and run past the fishman mural, staying on the ground, until you reach the King mural. Having completed the puzzle, the door will unlock and open the way to the Maintenance Room.