How to solve the painting puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

The predators must eye their prey.

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Puzzles are one of the most iconic parts of any Resident Evil game, so it is no surprise that Resident Evil Village is filled with them. As you progress through the Shadows of Rose DLC, you will come across multiple puzzles, one of them being the painting puzzle. Unfortunately, this isn’t a puzzle you can solve right away, and you will need to wait a little while before you can complete it. This guide will show you how to solve the painting puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose.

Painting puzzle solution in RE Village: Shadows of Rose

During the Shadows of Rose DLC, you may enter the room at the top of the stairs in the main hall. While this is normally the room where you would place the wine bottle during the campaign, things work differently in the DLC. Upon entering this room, you will immediately notice the five paintings hanging from the ceiling with one empty frame.

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Your first instinct may be to try and solve this puzzle, but you cannot complete it until later. Continue through the DLC until you obtain the Silver Mask and have completed the statue puzzle. After this, continue through the castle, and you will come across a small room where the disembodied words will appear, giving you some much-needed supplies. Go through the doors next to the typewriter, and you will find the missing painting of the snake.

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After getting the snake painting, head back to the painting puzzle and start removing the other paintings from the frames. You will notice that you cannot remove the tiger and butterfly paintings. This is because one side is for predators, and the other side is for prey. The predators are meant to be eyeing their prey. To complete this puzzle, place the paintings in the following order:

  • Tiger painting on the right eyeing the sheep painting on the left
  • Snake painting on the right eyeing the frog painting on the left
  • Spider painting on the right eyeing the butterfly painting on the left

When the paintings are in the correct order, the frames will rise. This will allow you to grab the Triocular Key from the back of the room.