Where to find the High-Capacity Mag in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

Finally a decent clip size.

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Weapons are a huge part of any Resident Evil campaign and you will need them if you want to fend off the hordes of zombies that come after you. In the Resident Evil Village DLC, Shadows of Rose, you get the classic LEMI handgun that you start the main campaign with. Of course, this pistol could be better and you can make it better with upgrades like the High-Capacity Mag which raises the clip size to 16 rounds. This guide will show you where to find the High-Capacity Mag in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose.

High-Capacity Mag location in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

The High-Capacity Mag is one of the few upgrades you can get for the LEMI in the Shadows of Rose DLC. When you first get the LEMI, it has a starting clip size of 10 rounds. This is just enough to take down one creature, maybe two if you get lucky. With the High-Capacity Mag, that pitiful clip size increases to an impressive 16 rounds. Luckily, you can also get the upgrade pretty early in the DLC.

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Shortly after picking up the LEMI, you will head outside to the courtyard where you will be directed by your mysterious friend to go to the part of the castle containing the library to obtain the RW-Variant Flask 1 so that you can destroy the Cores. After grabbing the flask, head back through the castle and stop when you hit the waiting room. This is the area just past the atelier.

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In the waiting room, you will see a Core that is blocking the way to a case. Use your newfound abilities to destroy the core and get to the case. Open the case to obtain the High-Capacity Mag. Go into your inventory to equip the upgrade to the LEMI.