How to complete the statue puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

Another set of statues to solve.

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The Resident Evil games have always been known for their puzzles, and Resident Evil Village is no exception. During the campaign, you enter a room with four statues inside Castle Dimitrescu. These statues have to be aligned in a certain way to open the door. A different variation of this puzzle appears in the Shadows of Rose DLC, but this time the statues are all of Rose. This guide will show you how to complete the statue puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose.

Rose statue puzzle solution in RE Village Shadows of Rose

As you progress through the Shadows of Rose DLC, you will enter plenty of familiar rooms that you will recognize if you played the campaign. One of the many rooms you will come across is the Hall of Ablution. During the campaign, you need to solve a statue puzzle here to progress forward. Like in the main game, you need to solve the statue puzzle, and it all starts with reading the clue at the far end of the room.

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The plaque on the wall reads, “Although I have just drowned, the arrows’ bit doth sting. They hanged me long ago, yet I feel everything. But still the worst, not last nor first, the sharpened blade did ring.” These short sentences tell you exactly what order the statues need to be activated in. Each time you interact with a statue, it will move back into the wall beneath a torch. If you choose a correct statue, the torch will stay lit, and if you select an incorrect statue, the puzzle will reset.

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To solve the puzzle, interact with the statues in the following order:

  • First – Statue of Rose being strangled
  • Second – Statue of Rose impaled by the sword
  • Third – Statue of Rose being consumed by the Mutamycete
  • Fourth – Statue of Rose impaled by the arrows

Once you interact with the statues in the correct order, all of the torches will light up. You will then get a cutscene where the door on the floor of the room opens, allowing you to progress further through the castle.