How to solve the Piano Puzzle in Resident Evil Village – Iron Insignia Key location

It’s all about playing the right notes.

When you’re in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle in Resident Evil Village, and she’s let loose, you rarely have time for a break. You’ll have to do your best to avoid her to try and escape. When you’ve obtained her key and returned to the main floor of the castle, you’ll have to run around to avoid her as she starts searching for you. In the Opera Hall, the room adjacent to the Courtyard, there’s a piano on the bottom floor. You have the option to approach and interact with it to play the keys on it. The only hint you have is the music sheet. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a music expert to solve this mystery.

When clicking the keys, there will be an orange dot that appears on the same line. Your goal is to match the orange dot up with the note and then proceed to the next one. You’ll have to do this for each note on the piano. You can go through all of the keys and attempt to match them all, one by one, or play them in the correct order.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These are the piano keys you need to play to match the sheet music from left to right.

  • Note 1: Key 15
  • Note 2: Key 12
  • Note 3: Key 14
  • Note 4: Key 14
  • Note 5: Key 16
  • Note 6: Key 15
  • Note 7: Key 16
  • Note 8: Key 17
  • Note 9: Key 17

Upon playing all of the correct notes, Ethan plays the music in a much faster succession. Shortly after playing the music, a small box opens on the top compartment, and the Iron Insignia Key pops out. You can now use that key to unlock several doors in the Dimitrescu castle, making it one step closer to escaping.