How to solve the puzzles in Soggy Caves in Minecraft Dungeons

It’s all in the buttons.

Minecraft Dungeons

When you unlock the Soggy Caves in Minecraft Dungeons, you will face two puzzles in the dungeon. You need to complete these puzzles to advance through and obtain the obsidian chest on the other side. The puzzles are similar, but the second is slightly tougher than the first one.

The puzzles consist of you creating a connection between the first redstone block to the final one. You need to click the buttons in the correct order. There are several iterations of this puzzle in the Soggy Caves dungeon. However, the puzzles change and continually modify how many redstone blocks are up, making it challenging to create a distinct pattern. But the buttons remain the same. If you memorize how the buttons work, you can solve any combination of these puzzles.

First Puzzle

The first puzzle will have two buttons, and no redstone blocks up. You cannot click the right button because it won’t do anything unless there’s a block already up. But the button on the left will always bring up the middle block. Once the middle block is up, you can use the button on the right, which lowers the most recent block but raises another. You want to have the middle block go back down, and then one of the other ones on the outside go up, allowing you to raise the middle block again and repeat the process until the two side blocks are up, and then hitting the left button to raise the middle one.

Second Puzzle


The second puzzle will have four buttons with one these buttons usually raised up, or it will have all but on raised. These are how each of the buttons works going from far left to the far right:

  • The first button lowers the most recent block, and then raises the one behind it
  • The second button raises (or lowers) the second and fourth block
  • The third button raises (or lowers) all three of the middle of blocks
  • The fourth button lowers the most recent block, and then raises the one in front of it

You have to find a combination based on what redstone blocks you have. The best thing you can do is try to get the first and fifth blocks raised, and hitting the third button to complete the set. That strategy has proven the most effective in completing this puzzle, but it’s sometimes challenging to have those two blocks up simultaneously.

Because these redstone puzzles change nearly every time you complete the Soggy Caves, it’s difficult to predict which one you will encounter. The trick is to remember how the buttons work, and you should be able to farm the Soggy Caves for loot every time effectively.