How to solve the riddle to Mary-Ann’s door in Tell Me Why

All the animals come out to party.

Tell Me Why

Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Warning, this guide contains potential story spoilers for the game.

The puzzles scattered throughout Tell Me Why offer more than just a challenge to progress through the level. Many of them provide a great opportunity to explore the world that Tyler and Alyson experienced as children and their relationship with both Mary-Ann, their mother, and other members of the town.

One of the first puzzles you encounter in the game is upon your first visit to the twins’ childhood house in Delos Crossing. After finally gaining access to the house, they will spend plenty of time reflecting on their first viewing in years. It will lead you up the stairs and to the bedroom where they grew up, and within here, you will acquire the Book of Goblins that will be vital as you progress through the game.

Then, after heading back down, you will confront Mary-Ann’s bedroom door, and on it will be three spinning mechanisms linked to the opening of the door. You can choose to open the door with brute force, but there is an achievement for correctly completing the puzzle.

To find the answer yourself, you would need to look through the Book of Goblins and read through The Princess’s Party story. 

The pictures in the book correspond with what you will see on the door, and the story will provide hints that link the animals to the objects. If you wish to find the solution yourself, this is where you’ll find it.

In terms of the puzzle’s solution, the left spinner needs to be the moose as this represents the torch that lit the way for the party-goers.

The middle spinner needs to be the bear as the story dictates that it protected the princess as they walked along their path.

Finally, the right spinner will be the pelican, as this represents the animal’s generosity who provided the feast at the party.

Once all of the correct animals have been aligned at the top of the spinner, the door mechanism will sound, and it will be unlocked. Here, a major plot advancement takes place, and you should see the achievement pop-up for you.