Dredge 1.3 Update Will Include Boat Customizations & New Content

Expect new customization and shipwrecks amongst other new additions and changes.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Developers Black Salt Games’ popular fishing/horror title Dredge has been a standout indie title this year and, since release, has seen multiple updates to refine and add to the game’s already sizable offering.

In an announcement today, the developers have revealed the next big update for the game is coming in just under a week and will be coming with multiple new additions and changes for players to enjoy and dive into.

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The Latest Update Is Set to Release in September

Screenshot by Gamepur

The game’s official X (formerly Twitter) account announced the update today along with a September 18th release date, with details on what players can expect from the update when it releases.

While details are pretty sparse, as we only have a few bullet points of information, we know the update will include more boat customization, such as paint and possible upgrades, Crabeerations, and additional shipwrecks to explore. The post also notes we can expect more changes and additions, though we don’t know what these are yet.

It’s not a lot to go off, but any new content coming to Dredge will be welcomed by fans. The game is already rather robust and filled with plenty for players to find and do, so adding to that will only make it a better experience for everyone. Previous updates have seen quality-of-life changes to aspects like quest markers, and the addition of a photo mode, Whether we see anything as substantive in this update is yet to be seen, but we imagine that given previous updates, we can expect something similar this time around.

Dredge has been an Indie highlight for this year, with the overall Steam reviews sitting at overwhelmingly positive. Our writer Jamie reviewed Dredge back when it was released earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed his time with the game, saying it was a “dark, addictive fishing adventure that’s filled with sumptuous cosmic horror.”