How to solve the train puzzle in Resident Evil 3: Remake

What’s the correct route and combination?

Image via Capcom

Puzzles and unlockables are the core of Resident Evil 3, and they make their return in the remake. There are plenty of things to solve and secrets to find in the game. A notable puzzle all players will have to encounter is the train puzzle. You need to give the train the correct pathway across town. What’s the right path?

The puzzle happens shortly after Jill meets Carlos, and she offers to go across town to get the train moving, attempting to save my civilian lives. After turning on the power, Jill makes her way to the Subway Control Room, where she focuses on a map, attempting to find the correct for the train. There are five different choices you need to make.

The correct solution is:

  • RE – 01
  • FA – 02
  • RA – 03
  • SA – 02
  • FO – 01

Place the combination in this order, and then click the action button on your PlayStation 4 controller or your keyboard. You will have completed the puzzle, and given the correct route, so Jill can return to the subway car and continue forward with the campaign.

There are plenty of other smaller puzzles in the game and plenty of unlockables for you to find as you progress through the game. Make sure to be on the lookout for them, and never hesitant to double back through an area to make sure you located everything.