How to solve the tree seed puzzle in Genesis Noir

Growing up to fly the flock.

Genesis Noir

Screenshot by Gamepur

Genesis Noir’s world of point and click puzzles complement its noir art style perfectly, but it does very little in the way of handholding over the solutions. This means that in some instances, the correct solution to a puzzle may not be as obvious as you think.

One such early example of this is a puzzle during the game’s first major section of conundrums. You will have a large area covered in light and dark energy with seeds that drop from the shadowy figures. These seeds capture the energy beams that block your path and allow you to plant light seeds in holes in the ground, triggering puzzles.

This particular puzzle starts with a sapling growing from the ground, and the game gives you the opportunity to snap off branches, and new ones will grow further. However, this puzzle is not actually about growing the branches to present the bushes as high as possible, and instead, you must rescue the birds that are hidden within.

The main objective is to grow the branches into the correct orientation so that the birds that you can see hiding can be freed. With your cursor, move across the branch that you want to snap and interact with it, pressing it to make it wriggle, before snapping it off. The left side of the sapling contains all of them, so you don’t need to tinker with the right side to see them.

Once you have grown the branches to the correct orientation, you should see the birds poking their heads out of the branches. From here, click on each of the heads and it will complete the puzzle for you, presenting the next section with which you can move forward.