How to Solve the Venator Puzzle in Jedi: Fallen Order


When you investigate the crashed Venator on Zeffo in Jedi: Fallen Order, near the end of the vehicle is a small puzzle. It features a large gap you need to get across, but you don’t have the correct tools to get there.

To get across, you want BD-1 to go to the left side and overcharge the terminal. After, there should be a large console in the middle; you can force push. Push it to the right, so and jump on top of it. You want to jump up to the second level of those platforms and cut the wires. Cutting the wires causes the platform the fall, but you can get back to the other side. Run across and return.

Now, the platform that you can run on the left should remain down. Force push the large console back into the middle and reset it. What you want to do is force push the consoles towards the left side of the room, but before it reaches the end, use the slow ability. This stops halfway through, and you can jump on top of it.

You need to get on it, run across the platform, and then land on the lowered area on the other side. After you get there, you should be able to do another double-jump to get to the other side. You’ll be able to leave the Venator, now, and you can go to the next room where there are three sliceable chests for you to collect.