How to special dash and what it does in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Don’t get left behind.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In most games of golf, there is not really a speed element to the game. It is very slow-moving, and everything is moved at the pace of the golfers. Mario Golf: Super Rush looks to change up that with its new mode called Speed Golf. It essentially takes the normal golfing mode in the game and turns it into a racing game.

The objective in Speed Golf is to hit your ball into the hole faster than the other players, with each stroke you take adding to your overall time. You will be chasing after your ball in this fast-paced mode, so you will need to run as fast as your character can travel. With that in mind, keep in mind the special dash. Here is how to do it and what it does.

How to do special dash

To do a special dash in Mario Golf: Super Rush, all you need to do is press L during a moment where you are running to your ball in any mode. However, you cannot do it whenever you want. If you are sprinting by holding down B, you will notice your stamina bar as you go forward. You can only use the special dash when this bar is colored green. If it is red, you are stuck with the standard dash or running slower to wait for it to recharge. You should also note that special dashing will consume a large portion of your stamina bar when you use it.

When you use the special dash, your character will use a unique animation as they burst forward for a short duration. Beware, though, if you use this too close to your ball, you may run past it, causing you to waste some precious seconds as your opponents run for their balls.

The special dash can be used offensively. If you use it directly behind an opponent, you will knock them around as you speed in front of them. With this information in mind, be sure to pick your moments for using the special dash carefully so that not only will it benefit you, it will be a detriment to them.