How to split item stacks in Valheim

You can share your items with your friends, or split them up in chests.

It’s easy to find yourself carrying too many items in Valheim. You have a set amount of inventory slots, and you can only carry 300 weight unless you increase that number by speaking with the merchant, Haldor. You can find them in the Black Forest. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, attempting to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind, or you don’t need all the items of a stack, you can split those up. This makes it easier to move items from place to place, and you won’t be hoarding an entire pile of wood when you need only three pieces.

How to split item stacks in your inventory

All you have to do is highlight the stack you want to split, click shift, and then click that stack again. When you do that, you’ll see a ‘split stack’ screen open up, and it’ll automatically go to converting the stacks to two piles, right down the middle. You can choose to adjust that number by moving the slider up and down. When you find the right amount you want, the number on the left side will be the amount you take, and the number on the right is the one you leave, along with serving as the total.

You can do this for any item in your inventory, items that you loot, or things you find inside dungeons. It’s a handy little technique, especially when you’re playing with multiple others with whom you’re sharing a homestead while you’re adventuring around Valheim.