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How to sprint in Hogwarts Legacy

Fly, you fools.

With naught but a wand to protect you, sprinting is a key mechanic that you’ll frequently need to make use of in Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, making use of this quick movement not only allows you to maneuver around enemies but also enables you to reach your objectives much faster. Unfortunately, since the game’s tutorial is slightly limited, it doesn’t exactly teach players how to make use of this feature. Luckily, we’re here to show you exactly how you can execute it in-game.

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How do you sprint in Hogwarts Legacy

You can sprint in Hogwarts Legacy by simply pressing the L3 button on your controller and tilting it forward. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to hold down Shift while simultaneously pressing “W” on your keyboard. 

This will enable you to run much faster compared to your character’s regular jogging animation. As previously mentioned, this mechanic becomes an integral part of combat since you will often need to position yourself well in order to gain the upper hand. Dodging can only get you so far since it only moves you a short distance from your original position. Further, sprinting also comes in handy as you explore the entire school of Hogwarts as broomsticks cannot be ridden throughout the halls.

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Since the game doesn’t have a stamina bar, you’re free to sprint as much as you want without needing to rest. It is worth noting, though, that using your Basic Cast or casting any other spell for that matter will stop your character from moving, which means you’ll need to coordinate your maneuvers and your wand-waving action if you want to succeed in your magical journey.

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