How to Stability works in Humankind

A city’s Stability keeps everything working.

Image via AMPLITUDE Studio

Each of your cities in Humankind has a Stability level keeping the population keen to work and remaining together as a whole. Your Stability can slowly degrade depending on the type of structures, projects, and districts you add to it. You can also increase a city’s Stability through these same methods. If a city’s Stability goes too low, things can become out of control. This guide details how Stability works in Humankind and what you can do about it for your cities.

When you’re looking to learn about a city’s Stability, click on the city, and then head to the top of the page to find the pink line with a small person icon next to the building. You can hover over this icon to learn about that city’s specific Stability to see what is positively and negatively affecting it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to build a district within a city, the overall Stability needs to be high enough to support it. If the Stability levels are too long, you won’t be able to expand. A good way to increase your Stability could be to increase the military presence near the city, utilize luxury resources, or have units within the territory.

Once it reaches a certain point, try to find districts or buildings that will increase Stability rather than decrease it. Then, you can hover over any of the districts, projects, or infrastructure you want to add to a city to learn more. It’s important to balance between constructing districts that are negatively influencing a city’s Stability and positive ones.