How to start a hunt in Apex Legends

The first hunt in Apex Legends is available.

Apex Season 5 - Fortune's Favor

Apex Legends a new season-long quest called A Broken Ghost. In it, the latest Legend to join the game, Loba, has hired many of the other characters in the game to assist her in locating a powerful object. But you won’t be able to obtain this item all in one go. You need to collect a variety of treasure packs, and then wait for the latest Hunt to become available each week.

There are nine pieces of the artifact available. To obtain all nine of the items, you need to partake in a hunt, and these hunts will release each week throughout Season 5 in Apex Legends. While the hunts become available each week, each player needs to have acquired a minimal amount of treasure packs to qualify for the hunt. These treasure packs are available by playing Apex Legends games, but they are random drops hidden in orange and blue crates.

Here’s the complete schedule for every new hunt during Season 5:

  • Hunt 1: May 19, 4 treasure packs
  • Hunt 2: May 26, 9 treasure packs
  • Hunt 3: June 2, 14 treasure packs
  • Hunt 4: June 9, 19 treasure packs
  • Hunt 5: June 16, 24 treasure packs
  • Hunt 6: June 23, 29 treasure packs
  • Hunt 7: June 30, 34 treasure packs
  • Hunt 8: July 7, 39 treasure packs
  • Hunt 9: July 14, 44 treasure packs

You can only earn a single treasure pack every day. When the reset timer goes up, you should be able to locate and obtain another treasure pack during a different Apex match. The reset timer matches that of the daily challenges, which happen roughly around 1:00pm EST. When you qualify for a hunt, you can partake in one by returning to the Season 5 banner at the top-left of your screen, and clicking on the hunt in the quest tab. 

You won’t need to play an Apex Legends match every day, but it does help to keep you on track to earn every hunt available in the game for the season. If you ever fall behind, you can spend 50 Apex Coins to gain a single treasure pack, which can assist you in making sure you don’t miss the grand prize by the end of the season.

Loba’s quest is a PvE event. You will receive two people rewards and a new dialogue for The Broken Ghost story. To complete the first quest, you need to complete the mission and follow the waypoints provided in the quest. You have eight minutes to beat it and obtain the first piece of the artifact, the Gemini-XG Core.