How to start Call to Arms jobs in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can start a match of Red Dead Online’s survival mode

Image via Rockstar

Red Dead Online’s latest updates have been giving it more PvE content, and this week’s update continues that trend. Players can now access Call to Arms jobs in the game, a new multiplayer, PvE game mode that emulates Grand Theft Auto Online’s Survival game mode. However, Call to Arms isn’t like any of the other featured series in Red Dead Online. You can’t simply start a match from the game’s Online menu.

To start a Call to Arms job, players will first have to head to the post office. They’ll have a telegram in the mail from “J,” the same mysterious person behind Red Dead Online’s telegram missions. After getting the message, players have to go through their satchel, into the documents menu, and into their telegrams. That’s where they’ll find the Call to Arms telegram, which they can read to start a game.

After reading the telegram, players are presented with a menu that lets them select which Call to Arms mission to accept, all of which take place in different towns across the west. It’s also important to note that if you want to play a game with a friend, you’ll have to be in a posse together. When you start a game, it will autofill empty slots to make sure you have four players in total.