How to start the Blackwood Chapter in Elder Scrolls Online

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Image via Bethesda

The Blackwood DLC has arrived for Elder Scrolls, introducing the Blackwood area that players can explore, new quests and storylines to play through, a companions system, the Rockgrove Trial, and a new world event called Oblivion Portals. With a local population made up of Imperials, Argonians, and Khajiit, Blackwood is a unique melting pot of different cultures and peoples, so players will be eager to explore this new area.

How to start the Blackwood Chapter

The first step to start the Blackwood Chapter will be to ensure you have access to it by purchasing it on Steam, or any other launcher that you use to play the game.

Existing characters can get to Blackwood by teleport there directly from the Leyawiin Outskirts Wayshrine. Open your map, select the Blackwood zone, and then select the Leyawiin Outskirts Wayshine icon.

It is also possible to acquire the main quest in the Collections UI. Go to Stories, then Chapters, and the Blackwood Chapter will be available there. The first quest will be called “A Deadly Secret.”

You can also travel to Blackwood by creating a new character and completing the new tutorial. At the end of the tutorial experience, you can select Blackwood as your destination zone and get started.