How to start The Broken Ghost quest in Apex Legends

You have a quest to complete in Apex Legends.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 5 of Apex Legends is introducing a season-long quest for players to participate in. Each week, you need to meet a certain requirement to unlock a new section of the story unfolding in the game. The quest revolves around the latest Legend, Loba, who also released alongside Season 5. She has a thief at her core, and because of her natural instincts, The Broken Ghost quest is all about stealing a new treasure.

To start The Broken Ghost quest, all you need to do is participate in any of the available games in Apex Legends. These game modes consist of duos, trios, and a ranked game mode. Regardless of how you start it, all you need to do is jump into a game and locate a treasure pack.

Treasure packs are a unique item for the season. They’re not difficult to find, but you can obtain them through random drops. They’re scattered all over the map in each Apex Legends game. You can ping its location to your allies to ensure they know about it, and bring them to it.

After you secure the first one, all you need to do now is complete the game. After the game, you can choose to continue playing Apex Legends, or take a quick break to click on the new Season 5 icon at the top left on your screen. Click on it, and then swap over to the quest tab, which should be right next to the battle pass track.

Now that you have your first treasure pack, you can continue with the prologue of The Broken Ghost quest. It comes with a brief text-based dialogue interaction between all of the legends, except Revenant, who are attempting to work together to find more treasure packs to unearth a new secret in King’s Canyon.

The next quest in Apex Legends will be available on May 19, and you will need to find four treasure packs before the end of that week.