How to start the Coiled Captors DLC in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Time to take on Chums.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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The Coiled Captors DLC brought in a new boss, new weapons, a high Chaos Level, and more. Thanks to this DLC, you can get more out of the Wonderlands than ever before. Of course, first, you need to access it. This isn’t made extremely clear from the start and you will need to do a little bit of searching to find Dreamveil Overlook. Here is how you start the Coiled Captors DLC in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Dreamveil Overlook is the DLC hub for Wonderlands. Here, you can access the spin the Wheel of Fate, meet Vesper, and look deep into the mirrors of lost souls. To access Dreamveil Overlook, you simply need to go to where you ran into Back Stahb at the start of the Wonderlands Campaign. He can be found near the Shrine of Mool Ah just outside of Queen’s Gate in the Overworld.

Once you access Dreamveil Overlook, you won’t immediately be able to access the DLC. First, you will need to speak with Vesper who can be found next to the Wheel of Fate. She will give you a short explanation of the things in the area and give you some Lost Souls to spend on the wheel. After completing her short quest, you will be able to access the mirror for the DLC. The mirror is directly across from Vesper next to the fast travel point. All you need to do is interact with the mirror to start the DLC. You will need to accept the challenge as well. Remember, this area is meant for players who are at least level 13. If you haven’t reached level 13, make sure to do some boss farming or complete some quests to prepare for the challenge.