How to start the Terminator event in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

He told you he’d be back.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Terminator electric storm

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The Terminator has arrived in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. After update 1.1.0 set the stage, the Terminator Live event has begun. The T-800 has already started to terrorize an island, which wasn’t exactly an idyllic vacation spot, adding to the local’s woes.

How to start the event

To start the event, you need to speak to Maria Schultz, who runs the shop in Erewhon, near Lake Mary. Maria will send you after a new character called Rasa Aldwin, who claims to be from the future, and the event will begin.

The Terminator Live event is split into two missions. Mission 2 will begin on Feb. 1 and will run until Feb. 6. We don’t have any details about the second mission, like when it starts, or if it will begin automatically for people who have already started the event. I guess when time traveling is involved, there is a lot of uncertainty. For completing the event, you will receive two customization packs, one based on the Terminator, and the other on Kyle Reese, the original time-traveling badass who came back to stop the T-800.

The customization packs include gear, vehicles, weapons, and attachments, including some pretty cool Terminator face paint.