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How to steal a Loyalist Ranger’s crossbow bolt in Hogwarts Legacy

This is not a stealth challenge.

In Hogwart’s Legacy, Loyalist Rangers are crossbow-wielding goblins whose crossbow bolts are imbued with Ancient Magic. Not every group of goblins you encounter will have Loyalist Rangers among their ranks, but some do. And when you encounter Loyalist Rangers, you might be challenged to complete the following Dueling Feat: Steal a Loyalist Ranger’s crossbow bolt.

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This Dueling Feat definitely comes up during the Carted Away side quest, when you infiltrate the goblin camp in an effort to return Arn’s stolen carts. It may also come up during other encounters with Loyalist Rangers, but there are certain several Loyalist Rangers to contend with at this particular goblin camp.

How to steal a crossbow bolt at the goblin camp

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this feat entails casting Disillusionment or drinking an invisibility potion, then sneaking up behind a Loyalist Ranger and sliding a crossbow bolt out of his quiver without him noticing. You’d be forgiven, yes. But you’d also be completely and totally wrong.

You see, the name of this feat is a little misleading. The aim isn’t to steal a crossbow bolt, but rather to deflect or redirect it. The Loyalist giblins’ crossbow colts might be imbued with Ancient Magic, but then so are you. And the same magic that lets you throw boxes, barrels, and rocks about the place also lets you hurl crossbow bolts.

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The Ancient Magic Throw spell is the magic trick of choice here, and that’s one of the Essential spells, meaning you don’t have to learn it or assign it. Instead, it’s always ready to be called upon whenever needed. All you have to do to cast Ancient Magic Throw is tap R1/RB when prompted, and whenever a Loyalist Ranger is charging up a shot, you should see a prompt (even if the Loyalist Ranger isn’t in front of you). Tap R1/RB at the right time, and you’ll twirl around, stopping the incoming bolt in mid-air and forcibly projecting it at an enemy in front of you. Do this once, and the Dueling Feat will be checked off.

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