How to summon beasts in Clash of Beasts

Add more beasts to your collection.

Image via Ubisoft

Beasts are the primary way to battle other players in Clash of Beasts. You need them to raid opposing bases to acquire more resources that you can use to improve your beasts, your defenses, and the various buildings you use while playing. Unlocking more beasts is essential, and you can do that through summoning. Here’s what you need to know about how to summon beasts in Clash of Beasts.

Each beast summon requires you to unlock other beasts and then level them up. For example, Brightwing needs you to have Ar’kanos and Talvara unlocked, and then both of these beasts must reach level three. Once they’re level three, you can use Soul Shards for a chance of unlocking Brightwing. You could roll four monsters when attempting to summon Brightwing, including Tyranta, Shalegrasp, or Shadescale. You need to roll Brightwing three times before you can unlock it. You can then click the ‘Summon Beast’ once you have enough.

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Alternatively, when attempting to summon a beast, you can use Prismatic Shards to fill in soul fragments automatically, rather than rolling with Soul Shards. It guarantees you a fragment of a Beast Summon, rather than the roll chance of using the Soul Shards. You can only acquire Prismatic Shards through events or the armory. Soul Shards are much more common.

You can summon your new beast if you have a beast slot available. You’ll then want to level them up by attacking enemy bases and using Essence to boost their level.