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How to summon the Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring – Bell Bearing Hunter boss guide

The Bell Bearing Hunter appears in the haze of the night.

The Bell Bearing Hunter is a difficult boss that you might want to think twice before fighting. At the very least, wait until you have leveled up a bit and have a few more flasks you can burn through. This world boss is perhaps the most challenging in the Limgrave area, provided you can find it. Here is your guide to defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring.

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How to summon

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Before we get into the Bell Bearing Hunter’s attacks, let’s talk about how to make him appear. Unlike normal bosses that appear at the end of a dungeon, the Bell Bearing Hunter is a world boss. This means you will find him somewhere out in the open world. Head up north to the Warmaster’s Shack that is marked on the map above. Once there, talk to Bernahl. Afterward, rest at the Site of Grace and progress the time forward to night. When nighttime hits, rest at the Site of Grace again and you will see that Bernahl has disappeared. Step toward the shack and the Bell Bearing Hunter will appear inside.

Bell Bearing Hunter attacks

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The Bell Bearing Hunter has a few attacks that you will have to worry about whether you are a distance or melee fighter. First, we will focus on melee. The Bell Bearing Hunter uses some pretty simple diagonal slashes that you can dodge or even parry. These attacks are easy to avoid. Next, he will use a charge attack. This comes more over if you back away from the fight. The boss will charge forward with his shoulder in front to slam into you.

Next, let’s talk about the ranged attacks that can also be melee. Watch out for when the Bell Bearing Hunter’s sword glows red. When this happens, the boss will perform his standard melee swings but with his sword floating in the air. His sword can actually float right in front of him or far away for those who are trying to avoid an up-close battle.

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Lastly, the boss has a grab attack and a piercing attack. The piercing attack can be both close and long-range. It is exactly as it sounds. The boss will thrust his sword in a piercing manner. When thrown, however, the boss will also pull the sword back to his hand. The last attack is his grab. This will happen when his hand glows red. If he grabs ahold of you, he will lift you into the air and slam his sword down on you.

How to defeat the Bell Bearing Hunter

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When going after the hunter with a melee character, you will want to stick close to him. Try not to get too much distance on him or he will charge you. He will also not hesitate to use his floating sword to chop you up. Pay close attention to his sword swings. These are easy to parry and can get you some much-needed breathing room for an attack or two. Remember that you will need to parry him twice to get the reposte. Parrying once will only stagger him for a short while. If you aren’t comfortable parrying, use your shield and perform counters on occasion.

For those who want to use ranged attacks, it is best to be on horseback. You can easily outmaneuver his sword if you keep a far enough distance away. You can actually kill the boss very easily if you have the Swift Glintstone Shard sorcery. This spell can be cast rapidly while on horseback and will chip his health down pretty fast.

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