How to super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

A great way to escape danger.

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In Overwatch 1, there was an exploit that many Mercy players would pull off regularly, allowing the angelic Support hero to leap into the sky and escape danger. This super jump maneuver became so popular that in Overwatch 2 that Blizzard worked it into her kit as an official part of her movement abilities. Now, it is much easier to pull off for just about anyone, even for a casual crowd. Here is how to super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2.

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How to do a super jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

Before jumping on Mercy in a matchmade game, we recommend trying to figure out how the super jump works in the Practice Range. The maneuver has been simplified, so you should be able to get a pretty good understanding of how it works quickly.

To do a super jump, you need to be looking at an ally and use your Guardian Angel ability to fly towards them. In Overwatch 2, Mercy has a new meter that will appear to the right of her reticle. The further you travel in a single Guardian Angel use, the more this bar will fill up. This meter denotes how much farther you will launch when you do a super jump.

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While flying towards your teammate, crouch by pressing CTRL on PC, Circle on PlayStation, or B on Xbox, and Mercy will launch straight up in the sky. If you press jump before reaching them, you will continue to glide past them pretty quickly. Additionally, you can have Mercy jump backward quickly by holding back and pressing jump before you reach the teammate.

With these three super jump methods, you will give Mercy much more mobility. Keep in mind how it works, and you can keep yourself alive on the field much longer to heal your teammates and resurrect them.