The 10 best Mercy skins in Overwatch 2

Awesome skins never die.

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Angela Ziegler, aka Mercy, is Overwatch’s most notable healer. She is best known for being one of the world’s leading doctors who has performed miracles to save lives. For example, after Genji was slashed into pieces by his brother Hanzo, Mercy was the one who saved his life by implanting him with cybernetic parts. Mercy can fly to teammates on the battlefield and is the only person capable of bringing players back from the dead. There are many reasons that people love Mercy. Here are her ten best skins in Overwatch 2.

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Mercy’s best skins in Overwatch 2

Combat Medic Ziegler

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We are massive fans of the Archives event and how it incorporates lore into the game by showing how various heroes looked in the past. This skin shows Mercy in her combat medic attire during the same timeframe that Tracer made her debut with the Overwatch organization.


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Dragoon is a Lunar New Year skin that will give Mercy a dragon-like outfit to make her flying through the air as intimidating as possible.


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Fortune is the only epic rarity skin on this list and is the second Lunar New Year addition. It adorns Mercy in golden armor.


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Imp is a base game legendary skin that is the lighter version of the Demon skin. We prefer this one because of the white, black, and purple tones.


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Mage is the white version of the Witch skin introduced during the Anniversary Remix event. Instead of a sinister witch, this Mercy looks more like she would lead a group of young adventurers into a dark forest and come out victorious.


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Moki is Mercy’s first battle pass skin appearing in Season One. It gives her dark hair and wings, with white armor and a red dress.


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Pink is a unique skin for Mercy and the entire Overwatch game. It was a limited-time skin that players had to purchase, with proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. While we hope for more skins similar to this, the skin itself really glams up Mercy in a way none of her other skins do.


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Sigrún is a base game legendary skin that references the mythological Norse Valkyrie of the same name. This skin is very unlike other Mercy skins, making it stand out to us.

Winged Victory

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Winged Victory is a Summer Games event skin that really gives Mercy an Olympics-feeling with the Greek-era clothes she adorns.


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Witch is a common favorite for many Overwatch players. This Halloween Terror event skin symbolizes the only time we have known Mercy to be an antagonist, which is why Dr. Junkenstein was able to attack the castle in the event’s exclusive mode.