How to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

Early in Resident Evil Village, players will be set upon by vast numbers of werewolves. It’s a scary and tense part of the game, as at that point everything is still very much a mystery. This segment of the game will take place just after a smaller scale attack, so players will already be primed for some action.

The simply truth here is that it is impossible to kill all the werewolves, so don’t get sidetracked trying to do that. No matter how many you put down, they will just keep coming, and at higher difficulties you simply don’t have the damage to handle many of them.

The best thing to do is find a safe route and just keep moving. Instead of fighting enemies, just run past them to the next open area or safe route. Be careful, as some route will lead to the dead ends. If you get boxed in, use the knock back from your handgun or shotgun to make space, and just keep on moving.

The attack will kick off properly just after players reach a house in East Old Town that has a shotgun on the table. There will be a way to barricade the front of the house, and a tunnel in the back room they can drop down into. This is the important area, and players should stay close if they can.

After a massive enemy shows up, players will need to run outside the front of this house which should trigger a cutscene of them getting hit by an arrow. After the cutscene is over, they can then proceed up the hill closer to the castle.

It’s an awkward and confusing part of the game, but having played through it twice now, it seems this cutscene will only trigger if players are outside the front of this house, so that appears to be the important location.