How to switch psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2

Choose your powers wisely.

Psychonauts 2 Switch Psychic Abilities

Image via Double Fine Games

Razputin has access to several psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2. You’ll want to be able to use these at a moment’s notice while exploring a person’s mind or roaming around the Motherlobe. Some of these powers are more useful to have at the ready than others. This guide details how you can switch psychic abilities out in Psychonauts 2.

You can only have four psychic abilities equipped at a time. When you want to access the psychic ability menu, click up on the directional pad if you’re using a controller or click the tab key on your keyboard. This will bring up the psychic ability menu, and you’ll be able to choose any of the available powers that you’ve learned so far in Psychonauts 2. You’ll gain access to more powers as you play through the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you want to swap out a power, hover over the power you want to use, and then click on the respective button or key you want to assign it. For those using a controller, it will be any of the triggers or bumpers. Those using a keyboard will be the Q, R, E, or right mouse button.

You can access this menu at any time to reassign your powers in Psychonauts 2.