How to Switch Weapons and Items in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Screenshot

Death Stranding is not entirely a combat game. It’s about survival and creating connections in a world forever changed by choices. It’s up to good, decent folk to bring it back together. Most importantly, it’s up to the main character, Sam, to deliver packages to several people he meets up in cities spanning the massive game. While it’s not a combat game, players still need to prepare to deal with fighting and know how to switch weapons and other useful items. Here’s how you go about doing it.

How To Switch Weapons and Items in Death Stranding

Using the game’s quick menu is quite easy, and once you get the hang of it, you’re going to find yourself swapping weapons seamlessly during a fight. All you have to do is hold the right button on the D-pad, and scroll through the quick-access menu. You should see the items you’re looking for to bring up from your inventory into your hand. These items are going to be useful things your character, Sam, can immediately use during a fight or an encounter. Knowing what items you can pull out using this menu is vital.

However, you can’t pick up everything you own. You have to make sure it comes with you on your journey. If you don’t have it on Sam when he goes to make a delivery, he’s not going to have access to it, and you might end up finding yourself without the proper equipment to tackle every issue. Before you leave for a delivery or go out into the word, spend some time in your menu reviewing your items. If there’s something you like to use, or a weapon you find yourself relying on when you play, make sure you have plenty of it and are carrying it before you depart.

If you have trouble finding an item you want to use in your quick-access inventory, take some time locating it by going through your entire inventory. Bring it up by hitting the R3 button on your PlayStation 4 controller to look for it. For those who can’t find it, you may need to double-check you brought it with you.

Always double-check you’re bringing the proper equipment with Sam before you leave for any delivery missions. If you don’t, you might find yourself getting killed or failing to bring delivery to its destination. Good luck out there completing Death Stranding and getting those deliveries out on time.