How to sync PS5 controller to your console

Connect your controller or add another to your PlayStation 5 console.

Your PlayStation 5 controller won’t automatically cooperate with your console. The two of them need to connect, and then after they sync, that controller will be able to operate on your chosen console. Whenever you receive a new controller, you’ll have to go through this same process.

To sync a PS5 controller to a PS5 console, it’s a straightforward process. You need to first have your PS5 console on. To do this without having a controller connected, there should be a face button on the front of the console. Click it while you have it plugged it, and it should activate.

Once your PS5 console is on, attach the USB cable to your PS5 controller and connect the other side of the USB to your console. Wait for your controller to gain enough battery life to function, and the two should be paired after that. When you unplug it, the controller will continue to work on that console.

When you want to add a controller to that console, make sure the controller you want to sync to your PS5 is turned off. From there, using your already synced controller, go to the settings menu, then accessories, general, Bluetooth, and then another accessories option. After you reach this menu, activate the controller you want to add to your PS5, and then wait for it to turn on and send a signal out. The new controller should appear underneath the accessories menu, and you can choose to pair it to your console.

You can have up to four PlayStation 5 controller synced to a single console.